Anti-Aging Three Simple Steps Skin Care


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Beauty from the Sea. Zorica anti-aging three simple steps skin care is specially designed to protect your skin from premature aging, repair damaged skin, easy to use, save time and money by elimenating unnecessary steps and products, while giving you a truly youthful and radiant skin. Zorica skin care is the essence of nature. Our skin care nourish your skin with powerful anti-oxidants, amino acids, sea minerals, vitamins and proteins. Zorica skin care addresses all skin care types, conditions and concerns. The natural ingredients contain no artifical color or fragrance, no animal testing and come in recyclable and non polluting packaging.


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I am blessed to be a sensitive person with highly sensitive skin, but finding clean skin care products has always been so difficult for me. My skin was irritated constantly and I would have constant headaches and winter was very hard. I was using just coconut oil and aloe vera for years, since everything on the market contained additives and fragrances. But one beautiful day, four years ago, I found Zorica’s products at Malibu Colony. And I’ll be using them forever :) Zorica’s handmade seaweed balancing cream and facewash, along with her grapefruit vanilla sugar scrub and body wash has kept my skin so nourished and glowing so that I look much younger than I am :) Everyone always asks me what is my skin care routine. Zorica’s products are like OZ and are made from care :). It is so nice to feel constantly so great. Being a mathematics professor, a model, and a filmmaker, I must be at the best of my skills always. Thank you for making such lovely wonderful gifts for us Zorica! Bless you :)
Posted by Shanna Dobson, Dec 17th 2018