About Zorica



Zorica Denton’s success story begins in early 1960 in a small village of the former Yugoslavia. While barely 7 years old, Zorica created her first face cream. Today, she is more passionate than ever before about creating natural products to help empower an individual's life. After a successful modeling career in Milan and London, Zorica found herself in Malibu, California, working as a beauty adviser for a European cosmetic company. While working in the beauty industry, Zorica discovered that customers desired a simpler skincare regime. Customers would often comment,

Do I really need to use all of these?
Is there something simpler for me to use?
I don't have time to do all these steps.

She became determined to create a line of skincare products easier to use—natural products providing results. Having very sensitive and dry skin herself, Zorica knew the challenges. Studying chemistry and working as a beauty consultant, Zorica expanded her knowledge of skincare.

After two years of research and testing, Zorica of Malibu, “the three simple steps to beautiful facial skin” was born.

Then, in the year of 2001, Zorica became chronically ill due to exposure to toxic substances and was bedridden for quite some time. During her recovery process she found she was not able to use any bath or body products on the market.

Due to her extensive training and experience in skincare, Zorica was able to expand her line to include natural bath and body products, without any artificial fragrances or chemical fillers. It is a line of superior products without toxic affect.

Thus, the Gratitude and Serenity Collections were born.

Taking care of people and the environment

Zorica of Malibu is ideal for chemical or fragrance sensitive individuals. And, because she believes in freshness, her products are only made in small batches. She often spends time in stores talking with customers to pass on her knowledge as well as determine their needs.

Zorica has a love for nature and our fragile environment. Therefore, you won’t find Zorica of Malibu products packaged in a box, only to be tossed away as soon a customer brings the product home. She strongly believes the quality should be in the product, not in the packaging.

And a portion of all proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children Hospital.

Beauty From the Inside Out

I believe there's a connection between our self-esteem and self-image. The better your self-esteem, the better you feel about what is happening to your body as you get older. But even if you have great self-esteem, fighting a going battle against crow’s feet, extra pounds and gray hair in society that worships youth can be very difficult.

It is important to know that beauty comes from proper attention to your way of life. Many factors contribute the way we age. Using a good skin care product is important, but healthy diet and regular exercise can contribute a great deal for younger and healthier you.

A healthy body and young looking skin depends on a balanced diet of nutritious food. Try low fat, low cholesterol, and high fiber diet. A great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are always available, so eat them as often as possible. Drink plenty of water, it is the best that you can do for your skin.

If you have not exercised before, it is never to late to start. Make sure you check with your doctor first if you have any medical problems. There are many ways to have a good workout without having to go to a gym: try walking, cycling or maybe even dancing.  Whatever activity is for you, it is important that you enjoy it. Chances are you will continue with it. Benefits from exercise are great, helps increase circulation, bring in nutrients to organs and cells, increases oxygen intake, which aids the production of new cell's and helps keep your cholesterol level down, offering protection against heart disease. Make a commitment and be consistent, that is truly the way you will see results.

When you feel good inside, your beauty will radiate outside on your face. I am sure that you are aware of danger from smoking and too much alcohol. Not only your health will suffer but also your skin will age faster.

As much as we enjoy being out in the Sun, it is one of major causes of premature aging and even worse, skin cancer. Even if you tan without burning you're not escaping the Sun's damaging effects. The deeper you tan, the more damage you get. Doctors suggest that everyone should use sunscreen with a least SPF 15. The higher the number the more protection you gain. Take a time to relax and nurture your self. My favored is getting out into nature, away from noise, you may enjoy walk on a beach, taking a long bath or simple meditate. Whatever you decide to nurture yourself, remember to do it often.

Be kind to yourself, accept compliments gracefully, you deserve them. Remember we are all beautiful in our unique way. Be adventures, you don't have to climb Mount Everest to get adventure. Finding new way home from work or exploring old town could do it, it is a sense of thrill that you are after. A good night's sleep will also make you look and feel good. Make sure to get enough Zzz's.

A basic fact to remember when buying beauty products is, that the cosmetic industry has a habit of profiting from human vanity and insecurity. Expensive products with complicated regiment are not always better. If you have any questions or ideas I'd love to hear them. Take good care of yourself.

Warmest Regards,