Zorica of Malibu’s cleanser is an indispensable part of my daily regime. The mask is a savior when my skin is in trouble.

Eva La Rue, Actress on All My Children

I’m in love with your perfume. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to review Gratitude and feature an article.

Roxy, For the Love of Beauty

After one week of using Zorica of Malibu skincare products, my dry, sensitive skin felt nourished and smooth, and it only took seconds to apply.

Stephanie Lloyd, Producer “Laguna Beach”

Zorica of Malibu skincare products have been in our store for a long time. I can honestly say they are among our top sellers. I have seen many repeat customers buying Zorica of Malibu products over and over again. She is in our store very often; ready to help with any questions customers may have about her skincare line. I admire her knowledge, passion and willingness to do whatever is necessary to help the customers.

Lucy Castaneda, Manager at Planet Blue, Malibu, California

Hi Zorica! I met you in the store last year and wrote to you after experiencing such a change in my skin after using your products. I am writing again because I wanted to tell you once again how amazing they are. I can't always afford them which was the case a few months ago. So I switched back to the Clinique products I had on hand. In just a week my skin started to look old and tired and lined again. So I drove all the way to Malibu to get the face cream from Planet Blue and Voila!, after only a few days my skin looked fresh and healthy again. Thank you.

Lorie Larson, Hollywood, California

My skin was breaking out all the time. I’ve tried every skincare product I’ve heard of and nothing has worked. Zorica of Malibu’s balancing skincare products cleared my skin. I am no longer embarrassed to go out and I can honestly say Zorica of Malibu products are the best I have ever used.

Marina Boyd, Malibu, California

I’m seriously allergic to artificial fragrances and many other unnecessary ingredients that so frequently get dumped into products. I’m left so often stuck with generic, fragrance-free unscented boring lotions. So, when I found this, I was in heaven.

Louise “Lulu” Smith, Vancouver, Washington

I’m just a “Midwestern farm girl” who definitely doesn’t belong in Malibu. Yet there I was browsing for something to nourish my poor, dry, wrinkled and aging skin. For me, it seemed too late; my skin would never look healthy after all the abuse it has taken in 55 years. Your products HELPED my skin instead of temporarily soothing it. After a week my face looked and felt better.

Laurie Lemson, Malibu, California

During my visit to Malibu, I stopped at the Planet Blue store and Zorica was they’re promoting her skincare products. Gracefully, she asks if I have tried her products. I explained to her my skin is very sensitive and there is nothing I can use. Zorica gave me a sample of her Seaweed Balancing Cream to try. One week later I was back and purchased all three products. My skin feels wonderful. There is no fragrance in the products and they are simple to use. I am a regular customer now.

Nancy, Denver, Colorado