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Exfoliate: This is one of its kind , handmade hypoallergenic foaming sugar scrub, is designed to be used on your face, lips, neck and body, it is a very important step in keeping your skin healthy, radiant and youthful, it will increase blood circulation and by removing dead cells that will allow your skin to absorb more moisture.. This gentle sugar scrub will live your skin silky while smoothing out cellulite. Made with natural ingredients of sugar, vegetable glycerin, safflower oil, jojoba oil and pure essential oils. Scent to chose from : grapefruit/vanilla, lavender rose geranium and gardenia.

How to use: if you decide to use it on your face  and lips make sure your skin is slightly wet. Massage scrub gently in circular motion, rinse your skin, pat it dry and apply face cream. For the body: apply scrub in circular motion on slightly dump or dry skin. For ultimate soft and youthful looking skin follow up with body lotion.

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Best Scrub ever

Zorica scrub is nourishment to the skin. Her home made sugar scrub with accents of vanilla that is not over powering, just enough, leaves your skin soft and subtle. I found Zorica in Plant Blue years ago, and never looked back. And her price points are fair compared to others out in the market. I am a fan for life and love to support small business.
Posted by POP, Dec 14th 2018